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VPI Pricing

Choosing the right VPI package (Basic, Standard or Premium) may depend on the position you’re seeking. Click on the blue info logo i to the left of the Features & Pricing items to find out more. Our VPI packages include the following:

Most Popular Plan

Basic VPI

Standard VPI

Premium VPI

Verified Features
InformationIdentity Verifier Yes Yes
Choose between Education, Employment & Professional Licensing*
2 verifications
6 verifications
InformationStatewide Criminal Check
InformationNational Criminal Check Yes
InformationRegistration Fee $49.95 $89.95
InformationMonthly Fee $5.95/month $9.95/month
Additional Features of Each Plan
  • Photo ID
  • 3 Secure Documents
  • Photo ID
  • 6 Secure Documents
  • Photo ID
  • 12 Secure Documents
  • Video Resume

Are you a recent graduate or a currently enrolled in college? Sign up for our Student VPI plan. You only need an EDU email address to sign up for this plan and you save 50% on features compared to our Premium VPI!

Looking for our free plan? Sign up for our Free VPI plan here. You will have access to the VPI Manager where you will be able to evaluate a limited version of our service for free. You will not receive an Identity Verifier, Verifications or a Criminal Check with the Free VPI.

*Note: The number of verifications for each VPI is a shared total between Employment, Education and Professional Licenses. You are given the flexibility to choose how many of each Employment, Education and Professional License entries you want verified.

You can upgrade your VPI package by adding the following additional features:

Additional Verification:$12.95/each
InformationEvictions History:$9.95
InformationFinancial Stability Report:$9.95
InformationState Driving Record:$24.95
InformationSex Offender Search:$9.95
InformationRush Service (3-5 days):$19.95

The normal time frame to construct and verify each VPI is about 10-15 business days. The pricing plans above include secure web hosting services and support for the term of the monthly subscription. All VPI plans that have been active for 12 months (consecutive or nonconsecutive) will receive one additional verification and an updated Criminal Background Check, free of charge.